About Us

The Best Of Learning And Gaming. Combined.

Think beyond traditional classroom teaching and tons of homework. Give kids an opportunity to express themselves with Li’l Champs and help them LEARN FASTER!



A Sneak Peek At Li’l Champs

The Coolest Digital Learning Tool

Children want to have fun. And they need to study systematically. Li’l Champs – our breakthrough digital learning platform combines the two in the best possible manner. There are 50+ interactive, multiplayer games with multiple-choice questions (MCQ) – sorted according to subjects (English, Maths, GK) and standards (KG to Standard IV).

Our motto is: Learning + Fun = EFFECTIVE LEARNING



Optimised Learning

Learning in a more enjoyable manner. In schools.

Regular Practice

Unlimited questions in the database, to keep students engaged.

Curated Games

Huge collection of learning games, covering multiple subjects.

Intuitive Gameplay

Smooth usability and kid-friendly controls.

Digital Platform

On this innovative school app, kids LEARN FASTER!

Higher Engagement

Beautiful graphics, characters and illustrations; fun animations.

Gaming FUN!

Multiplayer, singleplayer, timed & general games.

Custom Reports

In-depth student reports, generated from the backend.

Unlimited Learning Resources For Kids

With Li’l Champs, we are taking education for toddlers and little ones to the next level. Once you subscribe, you get full access to all the games. There are various types of games – covering topics under English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Single subscription, Multiple resources!