Learning Benefits + Gaming Fun = LI’L CHAMPS!

Welcome to the world of Li’L Champs, the dedicated school app with a never-before combination of educational elements and the excitement of gaming. For the new-age learner, Li’l Champs is the perfect tool.

Li’l Champs – The Coolest Set Of Educational Games

The interactive Li’l Champs platform takes boredom out of learning modules altogether. There are 60+ exciting, fun-filled games – each dedicated to a particular topic. The tool has educational games – most with multiplayer options and in MCQ format – for students from kindergarten to Standard IV. A large number of subjects, under English, Mathematics and General Knowledge, are covered.

Gamification In Li’l Champs

In the Li’l Champs games, young learners are rewarded on the basis of their performances and consistency. As a student clears levels, (s)he is awarded ‘Points’ and ‘Gems’. Every level also has its very own name – from ‘Newbie’ at the start (Level 1), to ‘Li’l Champ’ at Level 50.

On clearing each level, a student is given 1 or 2 ‘Gems’ (depending on the level) and ‘Points’. The collection of ‘Gems’ takes place according to the class/standard of students. The objective is to progress from the ‘Newbie’ level to the ‘Li’l Champ’ level – a journey of 50 levels. Every level has cool games – and kids can pit their brains against fellow-learners or the built-in artificial intelligence (AI) system to clear them. There are innovative augmented reality (AR)-powered games as well.

Focus On Accuracy

At Li’L Champs, we place prime emphasis on the quality of learning for the young ones. That’s precisely why kids who provide more accurate answers get better rewards. Knowledge, speed and accuracy – Li’l Champs helps school kids build the best possible combination of the three.

On each level, the target for the students is to earn ‘Gems’. The more accurately they answer the questions, the more points they earn – and the number of ‘Gems’ earned goes higher. The idea is simple – PLAY MORE GAMES, ANSWER MORE CORRECTLY, AND BECOME A LI’L CHAMP FASTER!

In order to encourage students to be able to give the right answers at one go, we have yet another gamification feature. Kids who can answer questions correctly in their first attempt are awarded 1 point. That drops down to 0.25 points, if a student manages to give the correct response in the second attempt. For answers given in the third and fourth points, no points are awarded. It’s all about answering QUICKLY & CORRECTLY.

Li’l Champs makes learning fun and enjoyable all over again. Exciting games that promote intuitive learning – that’s what makes our platform so special.


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