The Role Of AI and Automation In The Digital Transformation Of Education

Artificial intelligence and automation are transforming the world. Automation is leaving a huge impact in certain sectors. in fact the scope of industrial automation will increase more than 50X from 2012 to 2025, making a revolution. 

The educational sector is no exception to this. There are many schools that are taking advantage of school-issued devices or bring-your own device (BYOD) policies to give students access to virtual learning environment in a traditional classroom setting.

But it’s just a start, and there is a huge horizon for artificial intelligence and automation to expand in the educational sector. Some of the roles which AI and automation are playing and will play with a greater scope in the future are the following:

Improvement In Existing Teaching Methods

Teachers are always well intentioned when it comes to teaching. But mistakes can always occur – after all “we are only human”. With AI, the scope of error boils down to zero and the precision increases. Involvement of AI in the teaching process makes learning more precise, smarter, better understandable and fun. 

Smart boards, projection, visual representation and virtual presentation can highly interest the students. It makes the class and subject more interesting for the students. 

Automation Of Time-Consuming Activities 

Apart from the actual classroom teaching, there are a lot of things teachers need to take care of which are very time consuming – assigning homework, preparing lessons for the class, grading test papers etc. With AI, teachers can create explanatory and visually attractive presentations, study materials, images to interest the students in the subject. 

One of the most time-taking things is grading the test papers. But it can be done in no time with AI. The multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks or the questions where the students have to check the boxes can be programmed into a computer easily. And the computer can automatically analyse and grade the test papers. 

Understanding The Needs Of The Student 

Every student has a different personality and ability to learn things. Sometimes, they need to be provided with special attention and personalized lessons to make things more easier for them to understand. 

AI can do this exact thing for them. It makes things easier to understand with its unique features of audio and visual representation. Also, it can create personalized learning programs based on the interest and needs of the child. 

Providing Real-Time Feedback

Besides providing the additional support to the students, AI can give real-time feedback. It can analyse the strong and weak points of a child based on his performance. Also, it can come up with constructive programs for the improvement of the child. 

It also helps the teachers to spot the areas where a student needs guidance to improve. Moreover, AI can come up as a great help for senior students to select their Major subject. It can analyse the past performance of the individual and suggest the best subject for Major. 

Additional Support For The Child 

No matter how smart or smarter AI becomes, it can’t replace a human tutor. But what it can do best is complement the tutor by providing an additional support and assistance to the child. The child gets a 24X7 assistance with AI. 

With the assistance of AI, the child can get access to his lessons anytime at a go. The child can go through videos, presentations and more – which are self explanatory and are highly engaging. He learns in the most creative way possible with AI. 

Making Information Interesting 

AI has changed the way of showing the information to the world. Optimized search results, real-time suggestions and so many more things have gone easy with AI in the real world. 

And again, the education industry is no exception to it. 

AI has improved the way of providing information to the students. It understands the needs and interests of a child. AI has a creative edge to it when it comes to providing information. The horizons have become so wide with videos, presentations, images, learning apps, edugames etc. the child does not feel bored when he is being taught something with images, videos and games, with AI. 

Also AI helps to build the confidence of a child. A child might feel intimidated to answer in class full of students but with a friendly interface which teaches a child, that fear is gone. AI in every way compliments a child’s personality and innovates the teaching/learning process. 

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