Top 10 Factors That Make Li’l Champs The Best School App

The global digital education industry is evolving, and evolving fast. Over the last half a decade or so, the role of mobile in the education technology domain has grown manifold. Even for junior students – kids from, say, first to fifth grade – there is a wide range of digital learning tools that complement traditional classroom teaching. What’s more, modern-day teachers are also increasingly leaning towards such educational aids to provide personalised guidance and assistance to the young ones.

In the context of digital transformation of the education sector, the importance of mobile learning apps for kids is paramount. Every quarter, literally hundreds of new educational apps are launched in the App Store and the Play Store. In such a crowded marketplace, what makes our Li’l Champs application and learning platform stand out? Let’s take a look:

Made by experts

Li’l Champs is a school app that has been conceptualised by two of the best brains in the respective fields. Maria B., a renowned child psychoanalyst and pedodontist (with several research papers to her name) made good use of her industry experience and analytic skills, to come up with the idea of a mobile game that would double up as a seamless learning tool for young kids. The technical aspects of creating Li’l Champs have been overseen by Hussain F., a noted software and mobile app architect (also, the CEO of the Teksmobile team). With a strong team of Unity developers, quality analysts and customer care executives, Li’l Champs offers all-round educational support to children – with all the excitement of gaming fun thrown in.

Extensive subject coverage

On the Li’l Champs platform, there are games covering well over 30 subjects, from English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. Kids can select on their own (or teachers can set assignments) games belonging to a certain subject, and start playing. The games are also categorised into five levels – with the questions becoming progressively more difficult in each level. Kids from kindergarten to Class IV can play the games. The in-house research team had conducted thorough research, to ensure that all the important topics under each subject have been covered in the games.

Key benefits for students

The sight of young children trudging along with bags heavier than themselves is a disturbingly common one. More alarmingly, a toddler might very well find the traditional, one-dimensional classroom lessons rather boring – and as Maria B. correctly points out, a ‘bored’ student is never a ‘good learner’. Li’l Champs makes learning more interactive and two-way, and gets the kids more ‘involved’. By allowing the students to play a series of exciting educational games in class, ‘active learning’ is facilitated. Recent studies have found that playing such games helps kids to get a proper grasp of apparently tricky subjects…and that too, often unknowingly!

Note: The Li’l Champs platform has both singleplayer and multiplayer games. Students can earlier play with their classmates, or against the built-in artificial intelligence (AI) system of the platform.

Productive use of ‘mobile time’

Move over nannies and grannies – for smartphones are the new babysitters. Parents/guardians often yield to the persistent requests of kids to play ‘one more game’ on mobile devices. Doctors and child psychoanalysts agree that excessive mobile addiction has definite adverse effects on the behavioural traits and the general personality of young ones. The biggest problem is that, this often-significant ‘mobile time’ is a waste – since the kids are not doing anything productive during this time. Li’l Champs offers a simple solution to this. Children can easily get hooked to the intuitive games – and while they are playing, they also actually learn new things (and complement their classroom learning). Teachers and/or parents can also limit the time for which students can play the games (for instance, during one period every day) – ensuring that the young learners do not stay on the platform for hours on end.

Advantages as a teaching aid

Li’l Champs is not just another mobile educational app. While individual parents can, of course, download and register their kids on it – the platform serves as a powerful teaching aid for school teachers. The latter can set assignments – by selecting students, subjects and games – directly from the admin panel. There is a separate, designated ‘Reports’ section as well – from where the individual progress of each student can be tracked. With such extensive monitoring, teachers get the opportunity to ‘understand’ the strengths and weaknesses of each child better, and provide customised guidance to everyone.

Zero boredom

Like any other good mobile learning app, Li’l Champs has games with colourful illustrations, cute little animations, and uniformly intuitive gameplay & controls. The USP of the platform is the huge database of questions it is backed by. There are well over 6100 questions – carefully curated and handcrafted by academicians – which are carefully sorted, classified and included in the various games. Every time a child selects a game, a new set of questions awaits him/her. There are no repetitions, and this ‘always unique’ feel is instrumental in keeping the little kids happily engaged. New challenges, every single time!

Learning platform that parents can rely on

For all its advantages, the world wide web is not a particularly ‘safe’ place, especially for the young and impressionable kids. There is no dearth of ‘educational’ websites and mobile apps with objectionable content and disruptive ads. Li’l Champs makes sure that parents have one less thing to worry about, when their kids are playing the learning games on this platform. There are no disruptive ads, the gameplay is seamless, the platform has a easy-to-follow user-flow – and most importantly, parents can easily track the progress of their sons/daughters. Over a period of time, guardians can actually see the knowledge pool of their kids going up – thanks to regularly playing the learning games on Li’l Champs school app.

The latest in ed-tech

Maria B. maintains that innovation is key to the success and effectiveness of any mobile app for kids. The Teks team, headed by Hussain F., ensures that Li’l Champs brings in the latest features and functionalities related to education technology. There is an exclusive set of augmented reality (AR)-powered games, which take up the enjoyment level several notches higher – and gives the students an early acquaintance with the latest technologies. For playing these AR games on the Li’l Champs school app, certain specially designed images have to be downloaded (as mentioned clearly in the app). The AR games are particularly useful for letter and number-recognition exercises for first and second-grade students.  

A sense of healthy competition

More often than not, a child needs some sort of motivation to excel in studies. The old ‘stick-and-carrot’ strategy no longer works – and particularly, rebuking a small child in front of others is never a good idea. The Li’l Champs school app platform fosters a sense of healthy competition among fellow students in a classroom – with everyone striving to achieve the top ranks. In this clamour to stay ahead of classmates, students learn new topics better – and become more adept at answering questions more quickly and more accurately. In a nutshell, Li’l Champs motivates everyone to be the best – and that motivation, in turn, keeps the young learners more engaged.

Handcrafted, syllabus-oriented questions

Random knowledge may be good for schoolkids, but they have no place in a dedicated school app like Li’l Champs. Maria B. and Hussain F., together with their team of academic researchers, have included specially handcrafted, well-researched questions in the Li’l Champs database. The database of questions has been created in adherence with the latest school curriculum and syllabi. Li’l Champs was never meant to be yet-another-quiz app for kids. The makers designed it as a platform that makes classroom education more efficient – and the combination of updated questions and fun games ensure precisely that.

The annual subscription fee of Li’l Champs for schools is extremely competitive. Representatives conduct as many demo sessions as required, to educate the teachers on how this educational platform is to be used for best results. Li’l Champs comes from the creators of Story Time For Kids – a digital storytelling application that notched up over a million downloads, and bagged several prestigious awards. The new app was initially launched in Australia – and after getting a unanimous thumbs-up from parents, teachers and kids alike – it is now available for Indian schools. With its kid-friendly features and controls, plethora of fun-filled games, active learning modules, and powerful backend for teachers/parents (for monitoring), Li’l Champs is easily one of the best school apps in India.

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