Transformation Of Classrooms With Education Technology

We are living in a time where innovation in technology is at its peak. It is the driving force of every industry including the education industry. In the past few years, technology has managed to make a proper place for itself with its innovative and far-from-boring teaching techniques in the education industry. Over time, teaching-learning processes have just got better and classrooms have become smarter.  

Mobile devices and learning apps have created an all-new edtech culture. Thanks to technology learning happens anytime, anywhere at a go. The concept of teaching has been redefined with flipped classes and online lesson plans. Even the kids find learning more interesting with the remarkable methods on the platter. 

Innovation in tech has redefined learning in every way possible and it still continues to do so. Here are a few ways in which technology makes a classroom smarter and better. 

Better Demonstrations 

With all the mobile devices, smart boards and projectors, teaching becomes easier. The tools and technology allow a teacher to explain and demonstrate the intricate concepts in a better way. It becomes a lot more easier to explain with videos, images and graphics in comparison to traditional teaching methods. Also, students get to see things practically and the visual content helps them to imagine, think and understand. 

Access To Web-Based Learning Games 

Learning can be very monotonous and tiring at times. Going over the lessons in the same way everyday can be really boring – and kids hate it when it’s boring. But kids love games, they can go over the same game again and again without even getting bored for a second. 

Now, technology very smartly integrates both learning and gaming to provide a great educational experience for the kids. You can provide them a task in the form of these learning games, with questions on particular subject(s), to make their classwork really interesting. Also, more than 44% of teachers use technology to access these web-based games for their students. 

Access To Online Lesson Plans

Technology brings a lot on the platter for the teachers. You can subscribe to online lesson plans for your students which will compliment your classroom teachings. Your students would be able to access these lessons and revise anytime at a go. Even in your absence, you get to provide them 24X7 assistance through these online lessons. Moreover, the students get proper revision of the lesson and understand the logic better. Nearly 48% of teachers are taking leverage of these online lessons for the students. 


Better Access To Resources And Materials 

Not getting proper access to books, materials and resources was a restraint to learning. It was not very easy to arrange for the best-quality learning materials both for the teachers and students. But with technology, the world is at your fingertips. You get an opportunity to learn and explore, you can access any material or resources you wish to. 

You can simply provide your students with e-books or audio books, research papers, journals and much more. You can incorporate all these things to your classroom teaching to show your students a bigger picture which is  beyond the walls of the classroom. 


Greater Collaboration Among Students 

Technology comes with great opportunities for the students. Students can easily work on their assignments and homework with their classmates, sitting back at home. Also they will be able to share their lessons and notes quite easily.

It also enables them to explore beyond the walls of the classroom. They can collaborate with students from different schools for their assignments and projects. In fact, more than 77% of teachers strongly believe that technology encourages greater collaboration. Moreover, the students can participate in those online exchange programs to learn about different countries, their culture, education system and more. 


Share Your Work With A Wider Audience 

Nearly 95% of teachers believe that technology allows the students to share their work with a wider and varied audience. It gives a great exposure to the students. Many a time, the work of the students just used to remain within the class. But now, they can publish and share their work on global platforms where people would acknowledge their work. Also, it would boost the confidence of your students. 

Helps To Cope Up And Stay Updated  

Technology just does not allow you to miss out on something. And students can take the maximum leverage out of this. They can browse about anything while on the go. Even if they have missed a few classes they can cope up with the help of online lessons. Moreover, you can show them the most recent researches, updates and innovations in the class to let them know the current scenario of the particular topic you would be teaching. 


Get Homework And Assignment Reminders 

After a long and tiring day one can easily forget things – especially kids when it comes to homework. They get so exhausted with all the classroom teachings and activities that they just avoid or forget about the homework. But with technology around, you can just leave a reminder to get them on their desks. And moreover, when homework involves having fun with learning games, there is nothing more exciting. 


Flipped Classrooms 

One of the biggest revolutions which technology brought around is the concept of flipped classroom. The concept is, you ask the students to go through online lessons for a particular topic at home instead of teaching them that at class. And instead of assigning the worksheets as homework, you make them do that in the class. This way you get to guide the students and solve all their doubts. 

It is exactly opposite to what all schools follow. But it’s been seen that with this method, the overall failure rate goes down to somewhere around 10% and attendance increases to more than 90%. 


Connect With Parents 

With these learning apps, you actually get an opportunity to work closely with the parents which is very important for a child. You can give an access of the learning app to the parents so that they can also keep a track of all the activities and assignments their child is performing. They will also get an insight of all the strong and weak points of their kids. And most importantly they will be able to track their kids’ progress over the learning app. 

Integrate Games And Social Media 

Social media is the new trend and the most influential in today’s time. Many teachers and parents fear the adverse effect of social media on the kids. They even try to stop them from engaging a lot with such platforms, which irritates the kids and make them rebellious. But why stop them when you can teach them with social media ?

Instead of stopping them, make them use these platforms for their own good. You can just give projects and assignments like conducting surveys on topics related to their lessons on Twitter and Facebook. Instead of asking them to write on paper about certain topic, ask them to design a Facebook page. Make them use it for the good and minimise the adverse effects. 


Students Get To Design Their Homeworks 


Technology makes a brain more creative. When you assign your students some homework, just let them know what to do and let them think how to do it. Give them the freedom to think how they can do it or make it better. Let them design their own homework. Some might go for the simpler version including straight forward question and answers. Others might try to make it a little more detailed and original with presentations and experiments. 

This way you get to know about the thinking ability of the child, their knowledge about the topic, and their involvement with technology, which is very important. Because the future is going to be driven by technology. 


Interactive E-Books 

You can provide your students with interactive e-books which they can read on the go.  They can even share their reading materials with other students and teachers. Also, you can conduct brainstorming sessions and debates after every read. This will help you boost your students’ confidence and help them better their public speaking skills. 


Motivate Students To Learn 

Something which is not monotonous, tedious and boring always attracts the attention of children. And technology is definitely not monotonous or boring. Technology intrigues and motivates kids to learn and explore more. They don’t mind going over their lesson again and again when it’s given to them in the form of a game. They enjoy attending classes when they get to see the theoretical concepts visually. 

When you blend tech with learning, you come across some of the best results. You put every student on work sitting in that classroom, you extract the best out of every brain in that classroom. You just make learning more fun and defined with technology.

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