The Li’l Champs team is committed to delivering fully customized digital learning-meets-gaming experiences for kids. Our application is available on an ‘as is’ or ‘as available’ basis – and there can be those rarest of rare occasions when things might not go exactly as per your expectations. We advise all users to read through the following disclaimers before getting started on the app:

  • We are confident that both teachers and students would love the games, multiplayer options, backend report generation feature, and the other main attributes of Li’l Champs. However, in case your precise needs or requirements are not satisfied by the app, we cannot be held responsible for that.
  • There are many types of games included in the Li’l Champs platform – each with unique characters and presentations. We cannot be held liable if the name/content of any game hurts the sentiments of a user. Not a likely scenario either!
  • The difficulty levels of the games have been set after due research, and in accordance with the different levels/standards. We cannot be held at fault if a particular student finds any of the games to be ‘too easy’ or ‘too tough’.
  • While we promise to add new games to the platform every quarter, there can be some time-lags before fresh content becomes available on the website. Kindly bear with us on that.
  • We will try to inform you about server-maintenance related system downtimes from beforehand. However, we cannot be held responsible in case of unexpected outages and system failures.
  • We encourage all teachers/parents to start using the Li’l Champs app. However, please remember that when you sign up, you do so of your own accord. We do not force you to become a paid member of Li’l Champs in any way.
  • If you provide erroneous contact information (school name, mailing address, contact no., email, etc.), Li’l Champs cannot be held liable for any ensuing confusions.
  • Our team is confident of the accuracy, relevance, and importance of the information contained in the games. Even so, if you have any feedback or suggestions, kindly inform us <lilchampsapp@gmail.com>.
  • Li’l Champs is NOT meant to be used as the main study material in schools for kids. Instead, it should be used as a convenient digital platform for lesson reinforcements and practicing.
  • We cannot influence and are not influenced by, any monetary profits (or losses) made by you by using the Li’l Champs service. Please note that if you face any usage-related help, you can let us know immediately.
  • We are not responsible for any news, opinions and related stuff about Li’l Champs published in third-party websites/magazines/other sources.

The Li’l Champs educational app has been made with a lot of love and hard work. Subscribe now …and help kids become ‘HAPPY LEARNERS’!