Personalised Student Monitoring & Guidance

Li’l Champs comes with 360° support for school teachers. The learning app generates real-time, detailed student progress reports – based on their performance in the educational games. Based on these reports, custom guidance and support can be provided. In a nutshell, our tool makes keeping track of students’ academic progress…easier!

Immersive Games

As a teacher, you can establish an active learning environment in classrooms, by having the students play game(s) on any particular topic. Each kid would play on his/her own device, and the results would be displayed on a shared screen. Your classes will be more effective than ever.

In-depth Reports

Refer to the detailed student reports available on Li’l Champs, and get a clear idea of the strong and weak points of each individual student. Chalk up plans to guide the young learners accordingly. Different kids have different requirements, and our digital learning tool lets you guide everyone optimally.

Paperless Assignments

Li’l Champs takes ‘paperless learning’ to the next level. All you need to do is specify the game(s) that the class should play on any given day – and then go through the results. No heavy notebooks, no need to check written assignments…everything is done digitally, in a way that benefits both teachers & students.

Li’l Champs – The Smarter Teaching Aid

Faster Learning Kids using Li’l Champs learn up to 73% faster
Loved By Kids 84% students prefer Li’l Champs over textbooks
Immersive Games Student-engagement levels are up to 75% higher
Effective Monitoring 95% teachers find the student reports useful