Effective From: 30 July 2018

Li’l Champs respects the privacy of users. We are constantly striving to enhance the user-experience levels, to deliver true value, and ensure that you can use the app without any concerns whatsoever. Kindly go through our updated privacy policy clauses before proceeding.

Note: This privacy policy statement will remain effective until any change is announced later.

In this privacy policy document, you will learn about the information that Li’l Champs collects, and how the same is used. You can stay assured of all the information you share remaining safe with us, at all times.


What Information Do We Collect?

  • Usernames, passwords, school names email addresses, contact numbers.
  • Profile image, avatars and other personal images (if any).
  • Full names of users.

(The above information is used to make your profile be ‘more discoverable’ on Li’l Champs)

  • All communications between you and the app (including in-app downloads, service requests and emails, security notifications and technical notes).
  • All types of content (images, text, game interactions, etc.) provided by the user.
  • Social media information (provided you decide to link Li’l Champs with your social media profile(s)).

Important: All the information collected by Li’l Champs are done with your explicit permission. The data gets automatically stored in our secure app database. The information you share will never be sold or rented or made accessible to unauthorized third-parties for commercial purposes. We value your trust.


Do We Disclose Sensitive Information Of Our Users For Advertising?

We do not participate in any Advertising activities through our Li’l Champ educational app. Hence, there’s no chance of disclosure of your information, which are sensitive and personal by nature. Users’ privacy is our utmost priority and nothing is done with the collected information without your consent.


What Is The Shared Information Used For?

  • Remembering’ you on the app, so that you get a personalized experience every time you use Li’l Champs.
  • Allowing you to access/edit personal information quickly and securely.
  • Developing and testing new features in the app.
  • Communicating with you from time to time, via emails/SMS.
  • Ensuring seamless and uniformly high Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Diagnosing and fixing technological glitches, as and when required.
  • Displaying customized content based on your previous preferences & activities (downloads, in-app browsing, searches, etc.).
  • Real-time analytics monitoring (visitor count, duration of app usage, demographics).
  • Regular feedback and query resolution.
  • Automatic updating to the latest version of the app.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are sent to you to provide you with updates regarding the Li’l Champs app, and if and only if you have subscribed/agreed to receive them, will you be getting such notifications. In order to unsubscribe yourself from receiving such notifications, you just need to replicate the following steps:

  • For iOS devices: You’ll be prompted to allow/disallow the Li’l Champs App to send you Push Notifications once the app is installed. If you allow, then you’ll be receiving updates from the app in the form of Push Notifications and vice-       versa.
  • For Android devices: Push Notifications are enabled by default for Android devices, once the app is installed. In order to unsubscribe yourself from receiving Push Notifications, click on the Settings icon on the info screen and deselect the Receive Push Notifications option.


What Kind of Information Is Shared With Third-Party Providers?

We do not have any third-party partners with whom we’ll share the information provided by the users while using the app. With our Li’l Champ app, be rest assured that none of your important and precious details are being shared with any third-parties and are out in the open for everyone to see, without your consent.


How Do We Secure The Children’s Privacy?

The Li’l Champs educational app has been created keeping in mind the children, ranging from 5-10 years(kindergarten to Std. 4), as the target users. We consider Li’l Champs to be a family-oriented app as well since not only children under the age of 13 but also their parents and teachers can make use of the app for educational purposes. Nevertheless, we make it a point to not to collect any information from any child under the age of 13. We do not intentionally collect information from children under the age of 13, except for users who provide their information voluntarily. If we come to know that data has been accidentally collected from a user, under the age of 13, we take prompt action to remove the information. If you come to know that your child has provided personal information on our site without asking for your consent, please contact us at lilchampsapp@gmail.com so that we can delete the data.

The sole details we gather from the users, who have identified themselves as of being under the age of 13, are for the purposes of ‘remembering’ them on the app, to authenticate them and personalize their experience while using the app.

Push Notifications are sent to users only if they have subscribed or agreed to the same. One can unsubscribe oneself from receiving the Push Notifications by simply following the steps provided in the Push Notifications section of the Privacy Policy.

If you have any further queries about the privacy policy of  Li’l Champs, kindly drop in a mail to lilchampsapp@gmail.com. We are ready to help, always!