Welcome to the world of Li’l Champs – the best digital learning app for kids in town. Before proceeding further, we would strongly recommend you to go through our terms & conditions carefully. From the moment you install/subscribe to/start using the app, all of these clauses will become automatically applicable to you. In case you do not agree to any of our usage terms, we would request you to stop using Li’l Champs immediately.

Terms Of Use

  • From henceforth, the words ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘our team’ will refer exclusively to the Li’l Champs app and its developers. On the other hand, terms like ‘you’, ‘users’, ‘your’, etc. will indicate teachers/parents/legal guardians of kids.
  • The Li’l Champs application, and all the trademarks, copyrights, assets and intellectual property rights associated with it, are the sole property of the owners.
  • Li’l Champs is a paid subscription-based app. You need to subscribe before getting access to the 700+ hours of gaming content. The games in the app are all FREE.
  • While the app itself has to be subscribed on, we do announce ‘Trial Periods’ – when select sections of the app are made free to use. Keep in mind that, such free usage is possible ONLY when we announce ‘Trials’.
  • The price of our annual subscription plan is non-negotiable. Kindly contact us for more.
  • The Li’l Champs app is available in English only (plans for making it available in more languages are in the pipeline). You do not have the permission to translate it to any other language. Replicating/modifying the source code of the app is not permitted either.
  • All images, text, animations, illustrations and other visual elements of Li’l Champs belong exclusively to our in-house development team. Any unauthorized copying, replacement, modification, and reproduction of the same is strictly prohibited and punishable in a court of law.
  • You, the user, are solely responsible for how you use the Li’l Champs application. We request you to check the compatibility/system requirements before downloading the app. Any device-related performance glitches cannot be resolved by us.
  • We will keep making changes to the app, in order to improve it further. Please keep an eye out for such changes. Check this page from time to time as well, for probable changes in terms of use.
  • The results/progress reports generated from the app backend are prepared only on the basis of a kid’s performance in the games. They are not to be treated as official school reports. The reports are meant to serve as guides for teachers/parents.
  • By becoming a user of Li’l Champs, you give your consent to download its updates – as and when we make them available.
  • Kindly note that Li’l Champs does not wish to downplay the importance of regular classroom teaching and activities in any way. The app is designed to complement traditional forms of learning.
  • To customize the user-experience, Li’l Champs collects certain information about the users (kids). While we keep such data secure in our database – you should also do your part to keep the app (and the device) secure.
  • We reserve the right to suspend/discontinue the services of Li’l Champs to a user, in case (s)he is found to be violating any of the above clauses. If there is any dispute, our decision will be deemed final.
  • At any point in future, we might decide to terminate the app, owing to internal reasons and without any prior intimation. We will not be answerable to any party for doing the same.

Use Li’l Champs as it should be – a comprehensive digital learning app for children. We are sure that the young learners would LOVE it!